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Charles Rosier - London, UK

Charles Rosier - London, UK

Charles Rosier’s Life Story

In 1996, Charles Rosier started his profession at Lehman Brothers prior to joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. A while later he joined Goldman Sachs Bank where he managed the finance department. He pursued his job of being an investment banker and switched jobs within that industry several times. Charles Rosier attended the Fenelon Sainte-Marie where he earned his scientific degree in 1991. Apart from being studious, he is also interested in other matters like culture, managing environmentally-friendly activities and extreme sports.

Projects that Promote Culture

A French female singer was helped by Charles Rosier in releasing her debut album in 2012. Additionally, he played a great part in the production of a Silver Lion-winning film. A film supported by him, which had been produced by an Italian director and screenwriter, won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival. Culture and music are the loves of Charles Rosier. This shows in the way he supports movies and artists.

Memorable Educational Achievements of Charles Rosier

It was at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie where Charles Rosier completed his secondary education. Getting his scientific Baccalaureate degree (equivalent to A-levels in the UK), he was able to attend to further education. In 1996, Charles Rosier's job began at Lehman Brothers, just before he joined UBS Warburg Investment Bank.

Because of the investment made by him, the company was able to perform studies and give a percentage of their profit to Charles Rosier. He funded Mapreg, a laboratory based in Paris, in order to conduct research concerning stroke, depression and other serious ailments. Charles Rosier’s first healthcare project was the Mapreg Drug project.

Charles Rosier’s Chosen Profession

Charles Rosier was accountable for the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium and Quebec at UBS Warburg. He has been in the industry for 15 years, in the role of investment banker. Charles Rosier was offered a job at Goldman Sachs (GMS) in 1999. After accepting the offer, he was appointed as their Managing Director.

Charles Rosier is truly dedicated to helping the environment by developing energy and power sectors in poor countries. To provide energy solutions to poor countries, MPOWERD established economical LED lanterns. Innoveox spreads the word about the effective purpose of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to decrease carbon footprints and carbon emissions. Charles Rosier gave his support to Luci MPOWERD, being the best source of clean and renewable-energy. The company was able to create impressive solutions because of the support he gave.